Dozer Winnie the Mini Goldendoodle

Got Turf?  #Winston and #Dozer get a taste of grass…yum yum

The environment in Oregon this time of year is wet and muddy, and the puppies love the puddles, BUT….

A safe alternative to chasing puppies around is the bed of a truck layered in artificial turf.  The green turf mimics a real lawn, but lacks the potential of other animals and their presents they leave behind.  At least during the potty training phase this has been a great solution.

The key is parking on a slope and rinsing the turf out with water and soap.  Super quick and easy ensuring puppy healthiness!

The real key is having lots of toys for the boys!!!

Dozer Winnie the Mini Goldendoodle

Welcome #Winston and #Lui and #Dozer

We have yard dogs! The mini goldendoodles are brothers and they have a new best friend nicknamed Chubs, but officially it’s Dozer. Merry Christmas Everyone! 🎅🎄

Lui the mini goldendoodle
#Winston and #Dozer
Winnie the Mini Goldendoodle

Say hello to #Winston the mini goldendoodle

Winston [aka winnie] was born October 30, 2020 in Mercola, Oregon.

Winston has his own seat in the truck and looks forward to showing off his playful abilities. As he grows up from apprentice to journeyman level, we plan on capturing it all!