Shotcrete Sprayed Concrete

Shotcrete Cost

Shotcrete on general is 2-3x the cost of conventional concrete. Why does shotcrete cost more than normal concrete?

Shotcrete is a special blend of sand and aggregate just like concrete, except the difference is the amount of cement (much higher), and the special admixes to ensure it’s performance.

Admixes like air entrainment help with the freeze/thaw effect from the elements.

Admixes like super-plasticizer help with the pumping characteristics and getting the material through the system effectively.

Admixes like a water-reducer help with attaining high-early strength by reducing the amount of water in the mix design and thus increasing the cement-to-water ratio.

Admixes like VMA (viscosity modifying admix) help with the workability of the product

All those admixes are essential for an optimal shotcrete mix that can make it’s way through the system of hoses and machinery, be applied efficiently with a workable result.

To narrow down the cost Shotcrete, a few steps are required to get an accurate estimate of the project.

Shotcrete requires additional manpower, machinery and preparation for the product to work in the manner as prescribed. Most shotcrete projects need mobilization of the crew and calculations made from dimensions available either via onsite visitation or from a set of plans.

Smaller shotcrete projects generally begin around $2,000 and go much higher depending on the project.

Shotcrete is sold by the Cubic Yard and most likely only 7 to 8 cubic yards are delivered each truck. One of the tricky aspects of shotcrete is how tacky it can be to the equipment and delivery trucks.

Shotcrete by nature is suppose to be tacky and have the properties of adhesion, thus the cost of cleanup is higher.