Shotcrete Sprayed Concrete

Why is Shotcrete Used?

Shotcrete and sprayed concrete are used to facilitate getting massive amounts of material on a vertical or overhead surface safely and effectively.

Shotcrete has no bounds or limits thanks to the pneumatics that propel it onto a surface, thus eliminating expensive formwork.

Shotcrete also makes the working environment for the crew safe by allowing the machines to do the work. The use of high pressure hydraulics and high volume pneumatics achieves a process that no other method can replicate or achieve.

Shotcrete and sprayed concrete are ideal for erosion control and bank side rehabilitation where the earth needs some stabilization.

Sea walls benefit from shotcrete by decreasing the time needed for erection and completion, thus increasing the safety of the crew.

Old URM (un-reinforced masonary) structures and buildings can now be revitalized and refurbished thanks to the structural properties of shotcrete.

Shotcrete is very versatile due to the ability to drag around the hose that is the delivery mechanism. Instead of limiting the scope of the project due to no access, the hose used for shotcrete applications can be reached out 300′.

300′ of placement hose/line allows for the heavy equipment to stay parked away from the jobsite if necessary and also opens up the rainy season for many construction uses.